Just over a decade ago, nobody would have thought that instead of going to the bank and waiting in a long line with a stack of bank transfer forms, they would be able to pay bills via the Internet sitting comfortably on their couch. Nowadays, it is a common and easy thing to not only check the account history, but also apply for a cash loan or term deposit. Thanks to web forms, the life of a bank customer became much simpler. But, is it certain – are web forms always created in a way that allows the customer to fill it in simply, quickly and legibly?

Customers expect easy access to an offer - quickly, conveniently, by any device. Due to the dynamic development of mobile devices, an unavoidable challenge for organizations is to make company web forms accessible via mobile applications. There are three ways for preparing mobile web forms - via web application, native application or hybrid application. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? What should be considered when selecting a solution for an organization?

The information society is no longer just a forecast. Availability of modern technology is so widespread that science fiction becomes science fact. In a digital world, precise information becomes a crucial element of an effective data-quality management process. This applies especially to companies from the modern services sector, such as banking, finance and telecommunications. It is worth ensuring Data Quality on the Data Entry phase by preparing proper web forms.

Efma - a global association of banks and insurance companies, organized a fantastic event - the Distribution Summit, that took place on April 26-28, 2017, in London. Consdata was honoured to take active part in this event and had the opportunity to demo its unique solution. We were represented at this event by Maciej Olejniczak, Head of Sales, and Tomasz Ampuła, Chief Architect.

On April 26, 2017, in Jachranka near Warsaw, the FTB Congress will take place - a leading FinTech conference in Poland organized by The Polish Bank Association. Constada is a general partner of this event.

In a series of keynote presentations and panel debates, top industry experts will share their views on regulatory changes, development and implementation of digital government strategies and the digital future of the banking industry.