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We are a modern and agile software development company with extensive and in-depth experience in the development and implementation of complex and challenging projects for banks, financial companies and the public sector.

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On-line loan

This is a prepared solution designed to service the complete life-cycle of an online loan, from on-boarding to cash disbursement. The software is easily customized to a firm’s specific needs and can be integrated with other applications to make the process truly comprehensive and speedy. Bespoke parameter combinations can be created, including online credit history check, online credit rating verification, maximum credit limit approval, annual percentage rate (APR) loan calculator and more.  Banks and financial service providers can implement it quickly and easily to make services available both to new and existing clients in different distribution channels, and across varied technologies (desktop and mobile). The modern UX interface and technologies applied make this platform innovative and attractive for enhancing customer value propositions as from a client perspective applying for a personal loan has never been easier.

Sales support

The eximee™ Platform is dedicated to supporting modern sales processes, and communication between banks and their clients. Our innovative middleware is a complete e-form management solution that allows for designing, amending and coordinating all required forms during their entire life-cycle. It is fully modifiable among all elements and deploys changes across all modern distribution channels and technologies, seamlessly and simultaneously. The eximee™ Platform improves the end-user experience and conversion rate by optimizing client interactions via monitoring and analysis of all actions within the form filling process. Its modular structure allows for easy adaptations and enhancements. Full form automation and simplicity of form handling reduces overall operational cost of information exchange within and outside an organization. The improved service availability and accessibility (24/7/365) and client satisfaction are key benefits of employing the eximee™ Platform.


eximee™ for The Family 500+: Poland's new child benefit programme


mBank – a comprehensive platform for e-forms management


Orange Finanse – a comprehensive platform for e-forms management


eFX Module


Trade finance


Corporate electronic banking


E-forms workflow automation


Dedicated solution for saving products for Santander Bank Polska.


About Us

Consdata Sp. z o.o.,, is a modern and agile software firm specializing in meeting the software needs of banks, financial institutions and government organizations. Our comprehensive services include creating bespoke enterprise systems for our clients, providing them access to our proprietary products, and outsourcing our team of experts to develop and execute innovative solutions for customers. We aim to deliver business value and sustainability with our products and services.

Based in Poznań, Poland, Consdata made its U.S. debut with its innovative e-form management system, the eximee™ Platform,, at the September FinovateFall 2016 conference in New York. This pioneering middleware is a long term, cost-effective and modifiable onsite e-form management solution that integrates with institutional legacy systems to enhance customer interaction, conversion and retention for all financial industry verticals.

By creating an interface similar to a modern e-commerce or a mobile app, the eximee™ Platform escalates sales development, client conversion and business velocity by being a fully automated tool for flexible and efficient design, deployment and management of all required forms within their life cycle. It is truly the “last mile” solution to making digital sales possible across all channels.

Our market differentiator is our development process, which focuses heavily on close collaboration with clients to implement ready-made but modifiable solutions, such as the eximee™ Platform, as well as engineering industry and company specific software.

A fast growing private company founded in 2003, Consdata’s European clients include seven major banks, 560 community banking organizations and several other financial and business enterprises. They include subsidiaries of Commerzbank, Santander, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole and Orange. We additionally have service agreements in place with Poland’s leading e-commerce company, Allegro, its subsidiary PayU, and the country’s premiere cable television and telecommunications operator, Inea.

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