Web form developers strive to create ever more advanced solutions that increase the user's convenience, reduce form population times, and improve CX. An issue too often left out from this process involves those users with partial or complete impairment of vision, who also need to be provided with the means to effectively and easily process their business on-line. The Eximee platform enables the generation of WCAG-compliant forms. 

In 2016 the Polish government launched the “Family 500 plus” [Rodzina 500 plus] financial support programme for families. Accordingly, more than one third of parents have applied for benefits via electronic banking. Over 30% of them have been processed through the Eximee platform.

While presenting the Eximee Platform to our customers, we often ask them about their experiences with electronic applications. We specifically ask them about what types of applications they share, on what devices and in which channels. One of our secondary questions is about the average conversion rates from application forms. From our perspective the answer to this question is key, as it indicates the customer’s level of technological and business advancement. The answers are usually evasive and sometimes even surprising. I remember one in particular:

SECURE 2017 - a conference devoted to the topic of information security takes place on October 24-25, 2017, in Warsaw. Consdata experts will deliver a speech on cryptography.

Effective business decisions derive from reliable feedback from customers. Bank Zachodni WBK (Santander Group) has been provided with a convenient and straightforward tool for collecting feedback concerning its services, thanks to an innovative project pursued by Consdata.